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Our first project with Henry was challenging - to say the least! We gave him a site that required a home designed to fit the lifestyle of an active young family to be built on an extremely limited and difficult lot.

In addition to coming up with beautiful, creative and unique designs, the engineering associated with the build were incredibly detailed, so much so the building commissioner himself stated “these drawing are absolutely beautiful”.

Henry was happy to work with us and our surveying/engineering company and was quick to respond to any and all questions and situations that came up.

We are so excited to work with HPA Design, we have already contracted to work with them on another new house and two townhouses.

It’s a pleasure and a joy working with Henry, Loretta, Dean and everyone else at HPA Design and we are looking forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship!

Livia Givoni

HPA Design has been exclusively designing our homes for over two years. Their unique and effective State of the Art house designs have made our custom homes incredibly marketable. They always incorporate the latest trends in fashionable living in their designs, making sure these designs are done to perfection and always on schedule.

HPA Design’s staff has been incredibly accessible, extremely personable, and very competent. The HPA Design team members truly are artists. We look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Bob Falconi


Disipio Development Group, LLC

HPA Design has excelled in the field of architecture and their portfolio is proof of that. HPA Design’s blueprints make the most complex job seem simple, because they are so thorough. I have had first hand experience with everyone at the firm and with the work that they produce. They take pride in their work and it shows.

Joe Disipio

Project Manager
I’ve been doing business with Henry for eight or nine years now, and I’ve seen HPA Design grow with the addition of new people, but the quality of their plans has always been the highest. Any plan, whether custom or stock, is efficient, well thought out, and easy to follow. If any questions come up during construction, there is always someone there with the expertise and time to answer them.

Since we do projects in many towns, and deal with many building inspectors, I prefer HPA Design plans because they answer the questions that arise during construction, and properly address code issues to the inspectors’ satisfaction.

Tom Diplacido


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