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T here are subtle differences between the architectural design of a single-family home and that of a multi-family home or homes. Because we’ve handled the design of so many multi-family houses in New England, we understand exactly what these distinctions are and how to successfully negotiate them.

Whether you are a homeowner planning on living in one unit of a two- or three-family home, or a real estate developer who needs to maximize return-on-investment in a large-scale complex, your multi-family project needs to feel like a home while incorporating some characteristics of a commercial project. Its design needs to traverse the fine line between welcoming residential charm and the type of broad appeal that will attract buyers and renters of various demographics.

While there is no such thing as one-style-fits-all in designing multi-family homes, the professionals at HPA Design, are experts at creating spaces that will allow your project to thrive.

We will work with you in determining the demographics of the people who are likely to become residents of your multi-family project – urban professionals, young families, retirees, a mix – and then design with them in mind.

In consideration of the needs of your intended buyer or renter, we may suggest interiors that include a combination of first- and second-floor bedrooms or flexible spaces that can serve as a home office or family room. For the exterior, we may propose ways of carving out private spaces for each unit, parking areas and walkways that can be easily cleared in winter, and discreet places for waste receptacles.

With a thoughtful design approach, and expert assistance in navigating the requirements of various governmental agencies, HPA Design will prove an invaluable asset to your multi-family residence project.

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