Bonus features of a home. A standalone garage, pool-house/cabana.


A Cape Cod house is a low, broad, single-story frame building with a moderately steep pitched gabled roof, a large central chimney, and very little ornamentation.


A multiple tenant building separated by an impenetrable wall. Variations being “triplex” or a “quad”. Anything larger would just be an apartment or condo.


If it has more than 2 floors, has an additional finished basement, has an in-law apartment, or is just different than the basic 2G to 3.5G SF home that we do daily.


A single-story home with a garage on the same level. Generally long or wide with a deck or central patio. Much wider than a cape.

Split Level

A home that technically counts as 2 stories but as you enter, you exist between the two floors connected by half stairs in either direction. This is ideal for compact homes with less than 2 bedrooms with a garage at the basement level. It helps maintain a low roof height, and a shallower foundation.

Two Story

Any home with an additional floor above or below ground-level. May include anything from a walk-up attic that is used as living space, to something where the second floor is larger than the first and can have upwards of 4 bedrooms or more.