Custom Home Design

Custom Home Design

Updated: 4 years ago

W hether you dream of an expansive home that’s perfect for entertaining and has ample room for your growing family, or a cozy cottage infused with character, your “dream house” should always be a reflection of your aesthetic style and how you and your family live. When you allow HPA Design to custom design it, you can rest assured that it will be exactly that.

We specialize in New Home Construction

  • Zoning & Planning
  • Feasibility
  • Site Planning

As you begin to consider building your home, it can feel like there are an almost overwhelming number of things to consider. In addition to the overall look and size of your home, other considerations can include budget and zoning issues, translating design inspiration gathered in magazines and on Houzz and Pinterest into livable reality, and negotiating any he said/she said conundrums that may arise during the process.

When it comes to custom home design, what sets us apart is our approach. It is in taking the time to ask the right questions and fully listen to your responses, and by always being available to address concerns – before, during and after the building phase – that HPA Design ensures your dream house meets your needs in every way.

Our custom homes are beautiful and livable, and infinitely buildable as well. Our designs not only “look good on paper,” but are easily translated into striking, solidly-built homes that will stand the test of time.

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