Planned Communities

Planned Communities

Updated: 4 years ago

W ith baby boomers entering retirement and land values nearing an all-time high, planned residential communities in New England are red hot. Whether you are looking to tap into the lucrative senior market or maximize your available land by building high-density housing geared toward young professionals and families, creating stunning public spaces that will appeal to residents can make the difference between so-so occupancy and a sold-out status. That’s where HPA Design comes in.

We have the resources to design every facet of a community if you’d like – the public spaces and the residences – or you may opt to have HPA Design focus on the community buildings.

When you consider the most successful planned residential communities in our region, it becomes clear that simply setting aside a nondescript room as a gathering spot will not suffice. Expected amenities can include fitness facilities, tennis and world-class golf courses with upscale clubhouses, multiple restaurants, shopping, and professional services such as hairdressers and doctors.

Maximize your investment with meticulously-designed spaces that are certain to attract residents. Please contact us with any questions or to arrange a consultation.

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