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Home Plans

Updated: 4 years ago

W e refer to our collections as ‘pre-designed plans’ rather than the more common ‘stock plans’, simply because there is nothing stock about them! Unlike other home plan offerings on the market, we provide a thorough set of construction documents that provide the technical details needed to achieve both quality in construction and authenticity in detail. All of our designs originated as custom home plans and that have all been built here in the New England area.

Surprisingly enough Pre-designed home plans first appeared in America in the mid 1800s, at that time they were called “Pattern Books”. They were published as a tool for Architects, Builders and House wrights. And were not unlike what we see today, plans and elevations of a pre-designed home. From Pattern books, the presentation of house plans evolved. In the early 1900s, Sears would sell you the plan and materials kit to build the entire house with. Post War saw the House Plan books we’re all familiar until the internet finally took over.

Is a Pre-designed home plan right for you? Let’s compare your options.

A custom home design will be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle; however, it’s possible to find a pre-designed plan that comes close to what you desire. A pre-designed home plan can be used “as-is” with no modifications or it can be modified to suit your tastes.

The Pre-designed home Plan

A plan that was designed as a custom home plan and was deemed to have unique characteristics that may appeal to the masses. A pre-designed home plan is usually the most time and cost-efficient way to license a home plan for use. Home plans are licensed to our customers “as is”. Because of the vast number of differences between municipalities building codes, we do not guarantee that our plans are building code compliant. The plan may have been designed and drawn many years ago, the building codes may have changed since it was drawn, and construction conditions and practices may be different in the area in which you plan to build.

Prior to purchase, be sure that you are aware of the building codes in the city where you plan to build. Once you purchase a license to build the plan on your property, you CANNOT resell or transfer that license. If your plan requires modification in order to meet building code requirements, you must obtain a license that will allow for local modification to the plan. This license will allow you to legally take the pre-designed home plan to a local design professional to make the necessary changes to the plan in order to meet all current local conditions (this plan would then become a modified pre-designed home plan, or semi-custom home plan). The more recently the plan was created, the more likely a plan meets all current code and building conditions in your area.

The Modified Pre-designed Home Plan

A modified pre-designed home plan, or semi-custom home plan, is a pre-designed house plan that is altered to meet a client’s needs. This may be limited to updating code compliance to meet current and local code and construction conditions. Additionally, changes may be made changes to the layout of the home design to better accommodate the clients preferences. Depending on the modifications needed, a modified or semi-custom house plan will be slightly higher cost and more time-consuming than a stock house plan, or it may end up being more costly than a custom home plan if the scope of the changes becomes too vast.

The Custom Home Plan

A custom home plan is a home plan designed from scratch to fit your needs and distinctive lifestyle. It is the most costly and time-consuming of the three home plan offerings, but will become priceless to you as you enjoy the end result – living in a home that fits your lifestyle.

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